Proactive Intelligence, that drives your business

ZapZap Business Intelligence provides proactive intelligence to drive your business and gain a competitive advantage.

Zap Business Intelligence provides flexible, self-service reporting that improves the accuracy and efficiency of your reporting processes.

Automate your reporting workflows to improve the timeliness of information and empower your team to move beyond manual reporting and provide more strategic analysis that will impact the bottom line.

Re-usable business templates - They drastically reduce the time and technical resources you need to create and maintain custom analytics. Use templates to shorten the lifespan of your BI project and gain immediate results that impact the bottom line.


  • Drag-and-drop creation
  • Users simply drag-and-drop reports, charts, KPIs, scorecards and rich text onto dashboards – no programming is required.
  • Dynamics resizing
  • Layout adjustments are automatic, such as resizing charts to fit a dashboard cell, and dynamically resizing an entire dashboard to suit the user’s screen resolution.
  • Guided analytics
  • Any cell within a dashboard can be sliced by any other cell in the dashboard; meaning users can easily navigate the data based on their own personal requirements.
  • Drill down for detail
  • You can drill down from a dashboard to lower level reports for more detail.