Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is designed to help enterprise organizations attain a 360-degree view of customers, achieve reliable user adoption, adapt quickly to business change, and accelerate project delivery and returns. All on a platform that provides enterprise levels of scalability and performance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses the stringent requirements of the enterprise in the areas of performance and scalability, application flexibility, efficient manageability, and network configurability.

Performance and scalability
Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes unique advantage of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system and Microsoft SQL Server® database platforms to provide enterprise levels of performance and scalability.

Application flexibility
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is engineered for change with point-and-click customization and a metadata-driven portable application model. The application is built on a highly flexible architecture based on industry standards such as Microsoft .NET, XML, and Web Services.

Efficient manageability
Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps improve application manageability through integration with enterprise systems and management products.

Network configurability
Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows customers to provide a streamlined and high performance experience to users in global enterprise deployments. Microsoft Dynamics CRM components can be configured based on an organization’s business model and bandwidth requirements to provide efficient bandwidth utilization for their environment.

Improve sales planning and management

  • Set up territories and teams for optimal organizational efficiency.
  • Create price lists, discounts and unit groups to streamline offer management.
  • Post sales best practices and tips in the Resource Center.
  • Use strong role-based and group-based permissions for easy information distribution.

Manage accounts with insight and collaboration

  • Boost agent productivity with a familiar user interface that is natural and personal.
  • Create business connections across CRM activities and entities.
  • Build teams with users from multiple business units to own records and assigned roles.
  • Audit changes to business data with automatic notification.
  • Enable role-based access and permissions to accounts and data.

Manage your data effectively

  • Effortlessly import data from other sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Use predefined data-mapping rules or create new ones on the fly.
  • Confirm data import status with automatic e-mail notification.
  • Intelligently cleanse your data to eliminate duplications and decrease your cost per engagement(CPE).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps companies realize cost benefits through deep integration with key Microsoft business applications and components, allowing companies to take advantage of existing investments in technology, infrastructure, and resources to maintain and optimize the application. Testing and benchmark results show that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is capable of supporting enterprise scenarios in the areas of user scalability, bandwidth utilization, and database scalability. Enterprise customers are taking advantage of the scalability and performance of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.