Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Key Strengths



Comprehensive ERP System

  • Fast to implement, easy to customize, simple to use
  • Smart way to extend ERP functionality to more users throughout the organization

Integrated functionality to support

  • Financial Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Jobs and Resources
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Outlook and Office Integration
  • Web Services
  • Standardized way of allowing applications to communicate
  • Application-to-application integration
  • Run business logic from outside Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Connects business with a wide range of applications and data sources


  • Connect business with more applications and data sources
  • Extended ERP – drive efficiency throughout the organization
  • Extend the data and functionality in Dynamics NAV to more
  • Users across the organization
  • Tighter integration with the MS stack including Excel, SharePoint Services, Microsoft CRM

Business Data Visualization & Tree map Analysis

  • Role Tailored client control add-ins
  • Unique way to view and analyze business data

Benefits for customers

  • See & understand the business
  • Identify actionable items and tasks
  • Act wisely – decision support
  • Visualize & understand the consequences before acting

Fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use

Since 1984, Microsoft Dynamics(R) NAV has established itself as a choice for businesses and organizations looking for a complete business management solution that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use.

Today, simplicity continues to beat at the heart of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. And its state-of-the-art functionality covers everything you need to run and grow a successful business.

Core values for success

More than one million users have used Microsoft Dynamics NAV to simplify and streamline their highly specialised business more than 42 country versions. The success of Microsoft Dynamics NAV - and of the businesses that use it - is largely due to the strength of our core values.

Rich end-to-end functionality

So you can manage almost every aspect of your business

International scope

Deal with multiple language and currencies when you conduct cross-border business


Simple to customise, and quick to tailor. Easy to use, implement and maintain-short-term, you 'll be able to connect with your existing business applications and see productivity rise. Long-term, you'll have an innovative business management solution with a low cost of ownership.

No matter how specialised you business or where you are in the world, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can meet the needs of your organizations, helping your employees become more effective and your company to stay competitive.

The Complete Business Management Solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV collects your business functions into one integrated system. With close visual and functional ties to Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, it's easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement. And as your business evolves, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a reliable platform for growth.

Simple, Smart, Innovative

Everything you need from a modern business management software solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is simple, smart and innovative-to fit the way you like to do business. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you.

Raise productivity - for health margins and a strong bottom line Easily produce visuals, tables and reports - for optimizing your business plan

Make your processes transparent and efficient - for customer satisfaction and easy-to-measure business performance Grow your business - Microsoft Dynamics NAV quickly adapts to changes in your organization and business environment while the cost of ownership stays low.

Sales and Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables your Sales and Marketing to :

  • Manage customer records and sales histories
  • Create and launch marketing campaigns
  • Track customer activity
  • Organize service resources
  • Forecast and track parts consumption
  • Manage contracts and service agreements
  • Gain tighter control over costs

Human resource management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you organize and process key information about your people. You can :

  • Attach comments to employee records
  • Track absences
  • Generate reports
  • Remember birthdays and celebrations

Project management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you an overview of your projects to help you :

  • Budget for costs and time
  • Automate billings
  • Track resource costs and usage
  • Plan capacity
  • Predict availability

Service Management

  • Manage customer calls and queries
  • Track support tickets
  • Allocate resource
  • Create reports
  • Carry out asset management

Simplify your business management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution with a difference. Connecting and integrating with all your existing business applications, it simplifies your business management, helps your people focus on what's important, and makes their work effective, efficient, and fun.

Making smart decisions

What can you do if you are part of a project and you have a good idea? You could conduct some quick analysis in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, check some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and make a short report, showing your conclusions in a simple bar chart that you share with the rest of your team.

So, you go ahead and do it - it doesn’t take long

After a short discussion, you team adjusts its plans and reallocates resources. The change in direction ensures you stay on track to meet goals at corporate level. And the changed plans have positive effects on budget and strategic planning. That’s the power of business intelligence - all managed from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you people insight into

  • Current order status
  • Inventory levels
  • Relevant transaction details so they can take action, and instantly
  • Filter and sort key data
  • Measure KPI's
  • Produce reports, charts and graphs with one click and share their new insights with your company's key decision-makers.

From hunch, to insight, to decision

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables every individual in your company to turn hunches into genuine insight, and insight into decisions that have a positive impact on your business.

Centrally managed and secure, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a consistent overview of information and KPIs to make strategic planning straight forward and transparent. In short, Microsoft Dynamics NAV puts business intelligence in the hands of your people.