Gem Creations

Case Studies

DSVC For a Leading Jewellery Manufacturer at Bangkok, Thailand
DSVC with MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 system, support multi-location, high-transaction environment.


Gem Creations is one of the reputed Jewellery Manufacturing Company in Thailand. Today, it is one of the largest wholesalers of jewellery with a network of dealers and branches/sales offices worldwide. Gem Creations did not have a robust IT system in place to support its business growth. Gem Creation worked on legacy systems to handle Purchases, Sales, Materials, Finance, Deposits, Payroll and TDS. All these systems were independently installed. Since the existing systems were not integrated, data consolidation was a major challenge. The legacy systems were insulated from the changes demanded by the growing business because every change needed to be incorporated in all the applications. Moreover, the IT team of the customer had high turnover. This combination of a legacy system, lack of data & systems integration with ever-changing IT team posed significant support and maintenance challenges to Gem Creations.

Challenges Successfully Addressed

  • Multi-location operations
  • High business transaction rate
  • Legacy systems running on outdated technology
  • High level of integration with legacy systems and various entities
  • High level of customization to translate functionalities from legacy systems to ERP system
  • Online reporting
  • Specific user knowledge
  • Scalable IT infrastructure and national network
  • Tracking Missing and broken diamonds
  • Tracking Gold Loss at various stages

Solution Highlights

Gem Creations selected DSVC, an ERP for the jewellery manufacturing industry built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, Infostar implemented it in a phased manner first targeting the core business operations, and then the support functions. Infostar initially implemented the solution at the Head office and built temporary connectors with the systems in the branches and other legacy systems in the head office. Subsequently, the branch operations and support business functions were automated. Infostar also analyzed the existing legacy systems and worked with the existing IT team to ensure successful data migration from legacy systems into the Microsoft Dynamics application. Infostar also provided consultancy and implementation services to streamline the supporting IT infrastructure.

  • Finance
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Orders Management
  • Manufacturing Processes

About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive business management solution for midsize organizations sold in more than 150 countries. With the Industry best practices & templates it has around 57,000 customers of all sizes and industries. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been serving unique needs of mid- market customer for 20+ years.

About DSVC, an ERP for the jewellery manufacturing industry

DSVC is an add-on module for the jewellery manufacturing industry which uses the core functionality of the robust NAV. DSVC is built to comprehensively take care of jewellery manufacturing right from the Jewellery Concepts through Design, Model Making, Wax Casting, Wax Setting, Casting, spru cutting, filings, setting, polishing, Quality Control, etc. DSVC has a comprehensive pricing module for the jewellery industry along with the diamond assorting and bagging. It also has a unique sub-contracting module require for the jewellery manufacturing industry. DSVC ultimately connects with the basic modules of the MS Dynamics NAV and making it an integrated ERP solution.

Feedback of the Gem Creations

Mr. Chotiwat Lattapanit and Mr. Veeradon Lattapanit are satisfied owners of Gem Creations. They realize that DSVC has improved the productivity of their individual employees. DSVC has enabled them to reduce diamond breakages, gold losses. DSVC and MS Dynamics NAV have completely removed redundancy of data. DSVC and NAV provide them online reports and make right decisions, ultimately increasing the bottom line of the company.