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DSVC (Design and Variant Price Calculations)

DSVC is the product of over 10 years of case study and on-site development. Taking into account the requirements initially of a dozen different jewellery companies, DSVC provides powerful Solutions to all business issues including those unique to the jewellery industry. DSVC runs on the reliable Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform installed at over 80,000 sites worldwide. The core integration, scalability, and flexibility of the package make it the ideal engine for all of your jewellery systems and standard everyday business requirements. The customizations realize a total lower cost of ownership and savings in the form of improved efficiency, resource performance analysis, and metal/stone tracking. With DSVC, the jewellery company gets a complete Jewellery ERP system which will integrate the whole business and make the control of high value goods and processes easily manageable.

DSVC lets you replace your existing systems with a single fully integrated solution that connects all approved members of your organization to your customers, suppliers, and partners. With access to real time data and a wide range of analytical and reporting tools, your people can make informed, confident decisions that help drive business success.

Infostar is committed to upgrade and keep DSVC in line with Microsoft Dynamics state of direction, within 3 months in line with any new Microsoft release of a new major version/update.

Products Released Lifecycle Start Date Mainstream Support End Date Extended Support End Date Service Pack Support End Date Note
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 01-03-2016 13-04-2021 14-04-2026 Support ends 24 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the year product's support lifecycle, whichever comes first. For more information, please see the service pack policy here



DSVC is available in two versions; a Trading package for the jewellery wholesaler and retailers and the Manufacturing package for the jewellery manufacturing firm.

DSVC has the following customized modules designed and tested for the Jewellery Traders and Manufacturers :



The most fundamental entity in the jewellery business is the jewellery design. The core of DSVC begins with the fully customized Design module that integrates model specifications to determine real-time costs and weights for each item and each possible variant of that item. A unique Speaking Number details every component necessary for production and pricing: metal, coloured stone, diamond, labour, and accessories. This information is also used to automatically generate a BOM and create purchase requisitions for components in shortage. Additionally, standard routing information is recorded in this module for use by production planners and sales managers.


Jewellery companies everywhere in the world spend a lot of time and efforts in the daily calculation of sales prices for their quotes. With an organized sales pricing system, DSVC is able to calculate the Sales Prices of all your finished items in milliseconds. The accurate calculation with mark-ups and all losses according to customer groups reduces the time spent in calculating and checking the sales prices by over 90%.


The Sales department has automatic features on the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices for the quick creation of Sales Orders and automatic sales price calculations for all items.

Sales pricing can be based on the standard costs or based on the actual weight of metals, colour stones and diamonds.


Automated purchase requisitions are transformed into grouped orders upon approval from manager as per limit levels giving your company secure financial transparency. Received finished goods, components, and even production tools are immediately reflected in the stock balance to optimize your cash flow and inventory balance. The integrated financial module provides additional information about the fiscal position of the company and the historical financial relationship with all vendors. By streamlining common tasks and simplifying expense allocation, you will maximize your cash resources and strengthen critical business relationships.

Purchase Requisition

Streamline your internal PR system with benefits which DSVC provides in its integrated package.

Store Room

Manage the inventory of your stationary, tools, IT and housekeeping articles using the Store Room process. It has its own PR process for the control over the issue to employees.

Stone Room

Get a firm control on the purchase, inventory keeping, assorting, bagging, breakage and stock taking process in the Stone Room.

Metal Stock

High valued precious metals in the factory environment needs stringent control and precise book-keeping of their inventories. DSVC’s Metal Stock program is designed for the firm control in the issue and receive of alloys, dust, solder, wire, spruce, semi-finished and finished metal items.

Rubber Moulds & Silver Master

Effectively manage your inventories of both Rubber Moulds and Silver Masters in the factory.


With DSVC’s custom built processes, track the movement of each job in the factory. With the special reservation feature, each job is linked back the Sales Order until its final shipment. Control the issue/receive of jobs, raw materials, dust, solder, wire, etc. for the precise calculation of Metal Loss and employee productivity. Job splitting feature helps in easily managing large orders by splitting them into easily maintainable sub-jobs.

The production manager has tools to keep track of each order on a minute-by-minute status of jobs. Use of bar-code and RFID for tagging of jobs can greatly reduce data-entry time.

Quality Control

No manufacturing process is complete without an effect quality control process. DSVC’s QC module presents a stringent QC process for specifications based on the Item, Customer, Vendor or order. QC is applicable to also raw material and finished goods purchase and subcontracting.

Capacity Planning (MPS)

The DSVC planning tool utilizes realistic plans according to all incoming demands and the standard capacity for each work center. The sophisticated tool allows planners to simulate the effect of new orders on current and future load. If the load is over the allowable capacity, the planner can then decide to assign overtime, change the routing for multiple orders, employ unused production tools, subcontract jobs, or change the due dates. Production overview filters allow management to view a snapshot of all Work In Progress and the location of all components to help manage customer expectations.

Material Planning (MRP)

With the automatic Material Shortage report, the purchase and material planning manager can get a quick list of all raw material items which are falling short of the requirement based on existing and future orders. They can then be quickly transferred onto Purchase Orders for timely purchase of colour stones, diamonds, metals and accessories.

Exhibition Process

With a lot of jewellers attending trade shows and exhibitions, an offline copy of the DSVC database can be created and loaded with the inventory of the merchandise for the exhibition. The Exhibition module helps in the tracking of inventory, quotations, sales and invoicing of goods sold at exhibition. This is a great tool for the sales staff who would never need to use any parallel system in a spreadsheet or otherwise to manage their merchandise in exhibition.

Metal Management

With most of the jewellery companies also trading in precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, the Metal Management module presents excellent features to correctly record the metals on load, allowing regular transactions of delivery, receipt, invoicing and metal fixing. The metal management connects neatly with the financial systems to update the metal balances of customers and vendors along with their currency balances. Another feature of this module is the possibility of FACON orders and the related pricing.


Designed for the factory, where part of their WIP can be subcontracted out, the Subcontracting module works with labour costs and allowed losses for the merchandise sent out. Calculation of the periodic labour for the subcontracting vendors is an automated tool for the finance department. The Subcontracting Module enhances your relationship with vendors that require more complex costing, pricing, and metal exchange arrangements.

Inventory Costing

A very critical requirement for the high-valued jewellery business is the periodic valuation of the WIP and Stock inventories. With the correct costing, companies can plan better particularly in this period of uncertainty in the market values. Microsoft Dynamics NAV presents built-in costing methods like LIFO, FIFO, Weighted Average, Standard and Specific.

Metal Loss Recording

Every jewellery factory needs this tool to accurately record the daily loss of fine-metals during the different processes of production. With gold and platinum rates so high and volatile, companies can get a better grip on their allowed and actual losses.

Stone Breakage Recording

Record the stone breakage report per employee for a period to effectively assess the brittle stone inventory and reasons for stone breakage.